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New Website Welcome

Welcome to my new website and a brand new collection of silk ties. Over the coming weeks and months I will gradually be adding more of my designs including scarves for men and women.

I will update this news page with details of any forthcoming sales or special offers. Please join my mailing list to hear about these first.

Making my ties is far more complicated than simply sewing up a strip of bright coloured fabric, my trademark horizontally striped ties are perhaps the most difficult of all to manufacture. I paint and dye silks by hand at my studio. For the woven ties, specialist weavers interpret my drawings and sample cloths to produce the woven silks. To create ties with horizontal stripes, the fabric needs to be painted or woven with diagonal stripes. While painting a diagonal stripe can be tricky, weaving one is an even bigger challenge. Once finished, fabrics are sent to expert tie makers to cut and sew. This too is an intricate business involving inlays, linings and using machines specifically designed for making ties. To ensure a perfect knot an exact fitting inlay is essential. My ties are all created, cut and sewn in England.

To care for the ties it’s best to store them away from direct sunlight and in the original cellophane sleeve to protect them from creasing, crushing and moths.

I am occasionally asked about cleaning, in particular, food and grease stains.  I have found a product called ‘Janie‘ particularly effective. Otherwise, specialist dry cleaning.

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